Monday, March 14, 2011

EVENTS: Saturday 3/19-Sci-Fi Spectacular 5 at the Music Box Theatre

Starting at noon on Saturday, April 19th is the Music Box's 5th annual "Sci-Fi Spectular 5." The slate of films is looking pretty good so be sure to check it out. Ticket prices are $22 in advance, or $25 at the door. The fest is going to feature the Midwest Premiere of Quentin Dupieux's, Rubber. That film has a start time of 8:30pm. Horror director, Mick Garris will also be there in person. His film, Critters 2 will be playing the fest.


11:30am – Trailer Trash (Vintage Sci-Fi/Horror/Crazy 35mm trailers)
Noon – Not of this Earth (Early Roger Corman Classic!)
1:45pm – Krull (80’s Awesomeness!)
4:15pm – Critters 2 (dir. Mick Garris in Person!)
6:15pm – Naked Lunch (David Cronenberg Craziness!)
8:30pm – Rubber (Midwest Theatrical Premiere!)
10pm – The Blob (‘88 Remake! dir. Chuck Russell in Person!)
Midnight – Event Horizon (Rare Screening!) 

I can't make the full event but I'm considering going in the evening to catch Rubber, followed by the Blob and Event Horizon.

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